Campaign Update: Zito Accusation Response

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Tonia Khouri Responds to Nic Zito Mailer (VIDEO)


It has come to my attention that my opponent Nic Zito is blaming me for a mailer that was sent out by a third party independent expenditure. Mr. Zito knows better.

He knows that we, as candidates, have no control over what independent expenditures do or say.

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I knew nothing of this piece. I did not approve of its content.

If voters look at who the mailer is paid for by, they will see it did not come from my campaign.

I put my Committee name on my mail pieces for all to see. Unlike Mr. Zito’s false, misleading, nasty attack mailers on me (which ironically, do have his Committee name on them), my pieces are based in truth.

Having a mother and friends who have battled breast cancer and being a woman in politics that has personally experienced sexual harassment, I would never capitalize on either as my opponent is alleging. These are serious matters and should not be used as political cannon fodder by anyone on any side.

I condemn all forms of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and do not support those who demonstrate such behavior.

Unlike my opponent, I have run a race based on facts and my record of service. I will continue to put the facts out to voters, so they can know the truth and choose the best candidate to represent them in the 49th District.


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