Tonia Khouri Illinois House 49th District Republican Primary Candidate (VIDEO)

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Tonia Khouri is featured as Illinois House 49th district Republican primary candidate in a video created by Chicago Sun-Times.

Video originally published by Chicago Sun-Times

My name is Tonia Khouri. I’m a candidate for State Representative in the 49th District. I am a wife, mother, small business owner, and a public servant.

So right now, I am on the DuPage County Board as Chairman of Economic Development. I was elected in 2012, re-elected in 2014, and very proud of my record, I can talk about that later, but I’m also a local business owner.

My husband and I own Green T Services, which is a home services company that we started literally was one man and one truck. My husband, Joe was the service, and I was the office, and we now have over 27,000 customers in Chicagoland area and employ almost 200 local residents.

So my top priorities is what I hear from the people in the 49 District, is property taxes. People are literally being priced out of their homes, and what brought me into the race was the 32 percent income tax hike without any reforms. Because we already pay one of the highest property taxes in the nation, and then we’re hit with another 32 percent income tax hike, without any reforms. And I think the key in that phrase is with no reforms. But, so one of my main reasons for going to Springfield, is to lower our property taxes.

But we can never balance our budget or lower our property taxes if we don’t tackle pension reform. So I’m going to be focused on pension reform. I’m going to be focused on fair and equitable property tax assessments and consolidation. If we can do all these things, we can lower people’s property taxes.


Tonia Khouri for State Representative 49th District


Illinois is Worth Fight For (Video)

For more information: Read about Tonia Khouri, her experienceleadership, stand on the issues and her endorsements.

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