Tonia Khouri Signs Open Letter Against Progressive Tax Increase

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Tonia Khouri has signed an open letter to the Illinois General Assembly publically asking them to block all attempts at getting rid of Illinois’ flat tax and replacing it with a graduated tax structure (progressive tax).

Tonia Khouri Signs Open Letter Opposing Progressive TaxShe joined 64 other local government officials to “ask that you pledge not to support a constitutional change that would allow for this tax structure”.

Tonia has already said that people are overtaxed and that high taxes are the main concern of residents in the district during her interview on AM 560.

Overburdening taxpayers with a “progressive tax” that would increase taxes for all residents earning more than $17,300 will not solve the state’s problems and will only result in more people and businesses leaving the state.

Here is the original story as reported by DuPage Policy Journal:

Morley, Tully publicly oppose graduated income tax; Mussman, Connor don’t agree

In an open letter to the General Assembly, 65 local government officials, including eight in DuPage County, asked state legislators to block attempts to scrap the state’s flat income tax in favor of a graduated tax structure.

“We ask that you pledge not to support a constitutional change that would allow for this tax structure, and that you sign on to House Resolution 891 or Senate Resolution 1590 declaring such intentions this year and beyond,” the letter stated.

Reps. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) and John Connor (D-Lockport) refused to sign the resolution in the House.

Local officials who signed the letter include:

– Steve Morley, Mayor of Elmhurst

– Martin Tully, Mayor of Downers Grove

– Steve T. Nero, Trustee Village of Westmont

– Amy Grant, DuPage County Board Member

– Tonia Khouri, DuPage County Board Member

– Sean Noonan, DuPage County Board Member

– Gary Grasso, DuPage County Board Member

– Michael Manzo, Oak Brook Trustee

The letter provides a list of reasons elected officials oppose such a change to the state tax structure, including the burden of a 32 percent tax hike that passed a year ago. Local officials said they oppose a change to the constitution because it would remove roadblocks that keep lawmakers from raising taxes to fix every budget problem.

“There is little trust that lawmakers will set fair tax rates for all citizens of Illinois,” the letter states. “Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, with state spending growing 25 percent faster than personal incomes from 2005 to 2015.”

The letter also points to the impact a change could have on businesses in the state.

“The flat tax is one of the few remaining competitive advantages of Illinois, with surrounding states passing effective workers’ compensation laws, better business policies and lower property taxes,” it stated.

“Our community’s small businesses would be hurt drastically,” it continued. “The National Federation of Independent Business states that pass-through businesses earning income of as little as $225,000 would see a 9.15 percent tax rate, based upon legislation filed in the House.”


This story originally appeared in DuPage Policy Journal on May 16, 2018, and was written by LGIS Newsfeed.


Tonia Khouri for State Representative 49th District


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