Tonia Khouri Officially Candidate for Illinois 49th District

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Officially Filed Today With 1500 Signatures

Officially Filed Today With 1500 Signatures

Toni Khouri was in the news for filing the 1500 signatures needed to seek election as the Illinois 49th District state representative.

Below is the story from the DuPage Policy Journal about Tonia becoming an official candidate after she filed her petitions to seek election.

DuPage County Board member Tonia Khouri filed her petitions to seek election to the 49th District state representative seat with the maximum number of signatures required.

“My filing means our community will have a choice to choose a self-made small-business owner, wife and mother, and public servant on the DuPage County Board instead of someone who is not connected to the Democrat Party and a political insider,” Khouri told the DuPage Policy Journal of her filing her petitions Nov. 28 with the Illinois State Board of Elections, which now makes her run official.

The 49th District candidate, who is seeking to replace Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago), who is retiring, said she is running for office because it’s time to represent the people’s interests not the politicians.

“Springfield’s appetite for our money is insatiable,” Khouri said. “Our families pay the highest property taxes in the nation, and the Chicago Democrats’ and ‘surrender’ Republicans’ answer was to burden us with a 32 percent income tax hike without any reforms.”

She said citizens are rightly frustrated and angry because they work hard and are punished for doing so.

“I’m focused on protecting quality of life for families and small businesses in our community,” Khouri said. “That means property tax relief, governmental reforms and accountability in Springfield because cronyism, corruption, and unaccountability are hurting our families and killing our state.”

She said she will run a campaign based on truth and facts.

“My conservative record speaks for itself and the people in the 49th District want to ensure they have honest and strong representation in Springfield,” Khouri said, adding she will continue to walk door-to-door to meet her constituents.

Since soliciting citizens in the last three months for signatures,, Khouri said she has heard the same complaints – high property taxes and disappointment and betrayal.

“I received an overwhelming positive response because when people learn about me, they realize I’ve demonstrated that I am a person they can trust to uphold Republican principles to reform our government while instilling some integrity and accountability in Springfield,” Khouri said.

She said a current bulletin has only made her want to fight stronger.

“Some disturbing news recently surfaced regarding my opponent and his deep ties to the Chicago Democratic Party,” Khouri said. “Republican primary voters in the 49th District who I’ve spoken with are very concerned about (House Speaker) Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) and the ‘Chicago Machine’ hijacking their Republican Party. Fortunately, they also told me they would work very hard to make sure that didn’t happen.”

This story originally appeared in DuPage County Policy Journal on December 5, 2017, and was written by Angela Underwood.

Thank you to the friends, committeemen, and volunteers who helped Tonia these past few months.


Tonia Khouri for State Representative 49th DistrictFor more information: Read about Tonia Khouri, her experience, leadership, stand on the issues and her endorsements.

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