A Vote for Karina Villa is a Vote for Mike Madigan (VIDEO)

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Tonia Khouri appeared as a guest on Illinois Rising Radio on AM 560 with Dan Proft and Patrick Hughes to talk about Mike Madigan working to expand his influence into DuPage County, negative mailers, and how a vote for Katrina Villa is a vote for Mike Madigan’s agenda and the status quo in Illinois. 

How Madigan’s Money Lies To Voters


  • Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan is working to expand his influence into the Chicago suburbs because he sees opportunities in traditionally Republican-held districts caused by the weak performance of Governor Rauner.
  • Mike Madigan’s PAC has donated over $100,000 to support Khouri’s opponent Karina Villa.
  • The general electorate does not want to see more Madigan puppets in Springfield.
  • Villa has already sent out 9 negative mailers before Labor Day to homes in the 49th District.
  • The Democrats are lying not only about Tonia Khouri but about who they are and what they stand for.
  • Tonia Khouri is meeting people door to door in the district and having “town hall” meetings to engage with voters.
  • A vote for Karina Villa is a vote for Michael Madigan. After the election, she will vote to retain Madigan as Speaker of the House. She will vote “Yes” on Madigan’s rules of the House, which gives him complete power over which bills are called for votes and which bills remain in committee.
  • Tonia Khouri won her contentious primary with 66% of the vote by putting the truth out there and will not let Mike Madigan take control of the 49th District.
  • Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) sponsored the “No Budget, No Pay” act that said if the Illinois legislature couldn’t pass a balanced budget that legislators wouldn’t get paid. The bill was never allowed to move forward by Madigan. Now he is running mailers for Democratic candidates that say they are in support of this bill.
  • Madigan and Villa released a mailer claiming that Tonia had an “extreme agenda of stripping money from public schools in a voucher-style scheme”. What they are referring to was a school funding bill that was actually backed by Madigan and the Democrats. It was pushed by Madigan and passed by the Democratic legislature. Tonia Khouri was not even a member of the legislature at the time. They are misrepresenting their opponents and what they stand for.
  • Republicans need to turn out to vote and put a stop to what Madigan and his puppets are trying to do in the suburbs.
  • Tonia is focused on Illinois and the problems that are not being fixed, not Trump or issues at the national level.
  • We need to change the culture in Springfield and to do so, we need a change of leadership.
  • Khouri is going to Springfield to fix problems and promote solutions to lower our property taxes and reform pensions.
  • Her opponent is not talking about property taxes at all even though it is the number one issue that people are dealing with. This is a big problem and we need legislators who are serious about making changes.
  • We need to start dealing with the real issues that are hurting the people of Illinois.


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