Why I’m running for State Representative in the 49th District

It’s time to represent the people’s interests. I’m going to Springfield to take on the politicians in power who have bankrupted our state and failed our families. It’s time we hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

I am focused on protecting the quality of life for families and small businesses in our community. That means property tax relief, governmental reforms, and accountability in Springfield because cronyism, corruption, and unaccountability are hurting our families and killing our state.

Tonia Khouri

Property Tax Relief

Illinois has one of the nation’s highest property tax rates and is increasing faster than families have the ability to pay for them. As I knock on doors and hear from residents in the district, the overwhelming complaint I hear is how high property taxes are burdening hard working taxpayers and forcing families to leave the state. It’s time to get serious about reforming state government.

We can accomplish property tax relief by real, constitutional pension reform, consolidation of our 7,000 units of government, fair and equitable property tax assessment, and stopping unfunded mandates.

Governmental Reforms

As a DuPage County Board Member, I have voted to cut the county budget by $36.5M saving taxpayers an estimated $110M through shared services, joint procurement, and consolidation.

That’s how you balance a budget – by cutting spending and reforming how government operates. I will bring these same types of reform to Springfield along with the courage, experience, and leadership to implement them.

Accountability in Springfield

Springfield recently added to our burden with a 32% income tax hike without any reforms. It’s time to represent the people’s interests and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. I’m going to Springfield to defend our homes, represent the people’s interests and stop the raising of our property taxes.

More Free-Market Solutions

Growing the private sector is the key to Illinois being the leader in the Midwest. I know it’s not the government’s role to create jobs – it’s the private sector’s role to create jobs. 63% of net new jobs are created by small businesses. Focusing on private sector jobs helps families and helps grow our economy.

The government’s role in economic growth is to create a business friendly environment that includes tax certainty, low regulations, and workers’ comp reform.

Reducing Poverty

I am a strong advocate for the free enterprise system and using that system to help people break free from poverty. Jobs change people’s lives.

What Does This Income Tax Hike Mean To Our Families?

Taxpayers Will Pay:

Kane County: An Additional $223 Million Per Year
DuPage County: An Additional $557 Million Per Year

These communities are being asked to sacrifice more because our state politicians couldn’t behave responsibly:

St. Charles - $1,769 per family
Geneva - $1,275 per family
Northeast Aurora - $1,197 per family
Northwest Naperville - $1,040 per family
Batavia - $1,008 per family
Bartlett - $916 per family
South Elgin - $814 per family
West Chicago - $680 per family

It’s not too late to save our state – we just need the right people in Springfield to do it!

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