I consider myself a free-market conservative & pro-life

Tonia Khouri, candidate for State Representative in the 49th District releases the following statement:

I consider myself a free-market conservative and pro-life.

Being a loyal Republican for 30 years makes this decision difficult and sad. However, I cannot in good conscience support our current governor, Bruce Rauner. He has made decisions that financially hurt our state like the Chicago school “bailout” and the expensive “sanctuary state” bill. However, the final straw was allowing taxpayer-funded abortions on demand. The financial and moral consequences of HB40 will haunt this state for years to come.

If we continue down this path, not only will Illinois be financially bankrupt, it will be morally bankrupt as well.

Therefore, I stand in unity with conservatives, with pro-lifers, and those who feel betrayed by our governor’s recent actions and will not be supporting Bruce Rauner for Governor.

It’s not too late to save our state – we just need the right people in Springfield to do it.

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Tonia Khouri