Elect Tonia Khouri – Closing Arguments (VIDEO)

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Tonia Khouri appeared as a guest on Illinois Rising Radio on AM 560 with Dan Proft to talk about Mike Madigan working to expand his influence into DuPage County by supporting candidates like Karina Villa to make sure it stays business as usual in Springfield.

Other topics include property taxes, negative mailers, and meeting with the voters to discuss the real issues facing Illinois. 

Listen to the entire appearance in the video at the top.


  • Tonia Khouri is the Republican candidate for State Representative of the 49th District to replace Mike Fortner, who is not running for re-
  • Tonia Khouri is running to lead the fight for lower property taxes. A vote for Karina Villa is a vote for higher taxes.
  • Karina Villa has already voted to raise taxes twice and will not oppose a new statewide 1% property tax increase.
  • Taxpayers have had enough. We pay the second highest property taxes in the nation, we were hit with a 32% income tax increase last year with no reforms, and now the Democrats want a progressive income tax increase, a vehicle mileage tax, and a statewide property tax increase.
  • Tonia is against all these new taxes, but Villa will go along with all of them.
  • Tonia Khouri has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald and Chicago Sun-Times. They know that she is not the extremist that Villa makes her out to be.
  • Villa is not offering any new ideas or answers to the financial issues in Illinois. She offered not to the newspaper editorial boards.
  • Tonia has been hosting “Talks With Tonia” to address voters directly, while Villa tries to avoid offering any real solutions.
  • Khouri endorsed by Daily Herald, Sun Times, Chicago TribuneTonia Khouri is a business owner who built the company over years through hard work to serve 27,000 customers and employ almost 200 employees.
  • Khouri has created hundreds of jobs, knows how business works, how to balance a budget, and how government can both help or hurt businesses.
  • The Democrat party in Illinois is not running on the issues because they can’t run on issues. Under 40 years of Democrat control, property taxes have risen six times faster than incomes, Illinois has lost 1.3 million residents, all while political insiders benefit and taxpayers don’t.
  • While Madigan and Democrat groups attack Tonia Khouri, she is standing on principles.
  • Please go out and vote, and make sure you get five other people to vote as well.


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Tonia Khouri for State Representative 49th District


Volunteer to help the Tonia Khouri campaign

For more information: Read about Tonia Khouri, her experienceleadership, stand on the issues and her endorsements.


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TaxesKhouri endorsed by Daily Herald, Sun Times, Chicago Tribune