via Illinois Review

JOLIET – Republican Tonia Khouri isn’t waiting for mainstream media to tell 11th CD voters that she’s up to the task to get federal help for bridges and highways in her district.

“Infrastructure plays a critical role in our local economies, especially here in the 11th District,” she says in a new video posted online earlier this week.

Khouri says Interstate 80, particularly over Houboult Road in Joliet, has been an issue for some time for Will County’s local economy. The Democrat incumbent Bill Foster has not fought for reliable infrastructure during his time in Washington, she says.

“Bill Foster is simply not doing his job. It’s time to put someone in office who will fight for the people of our district. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Khouri says.The DuPage County Board member’s comments are not the first direct appeal she’s made. She’s also made an appeal about terrorist concerns, the economy, and district boundaries.