America is viewed as “the land of opportunity” where, with hard work, people can succeed regardless of their socio-economic background. We’ve seen recently, however, that opportunities for upward mobility have been harder to come by than they once were. While the middle class struggles with stagnant incomes and the classes become increasingly polarized, many question whether America remains the land of opportunity.

This a fair question… and a challenge to servant leaders. Helping low-income residents break free from poverty and overcome income inequality to achieve the American dream is something I’ve been passionate about as both a business owner and DuPage County Board member. I will work tirelessly to identify the ways in which we can provide dignified work opportunities to our residents, and in doing so, empower them to make their own success and achieve the American Dream.

I want to empower people, not the establishment.


The middle class and the working poor are being crushed by the rising costs on everything from health care and housing to consumer goods. The non-recovery has made it very difficult for many to find and keep sustainable employment. Government needs to limit its intrusiveness so as to allow the free market to empower both employers and employees.

  • Jobs

As a small business owner myself, I see firsthand how 63% of our net new jobs are created by small businesses. It is important to support our nation’s job creators. We need to get government out of way and allow American ingenuity in the marketplace to put Americans back to work again.

  • Taxes

Our current tax code is 73,000 pages long – not fair for anyone. It needs to be examined, revised and reformed for the taxpayers. We need a simpler tax code that limits unfair loopholes and encourages investment by small businesses, thus creating good jobs for the American people.

  • Bureaucracy

We need to restore common sense regulations back into the workplace. Overregulation by government is inefficient and costly. I support decreasing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses so they can spend more time investing in new opportunities and their people through workforce training & incentives while spending less time and resources dealing with cumbersome government mandates.



It is important the United States maintains a strong national defense. One that utilizes common sense diplomacy, intelligence, military, and economic strategies. Our allies need to know that we are dependable again. The world is a better and safer place when America is the leading power.

We need a global strategy that is based on an educated and informed assessment of potential threats we face, one that restores as a principal the objectives of deterrence. Using the full spectrum of our military capabilities, we must maintain superior equipment, manpower and security systems to confront terrorist threats head on.

I will work to ensure that our men and women in uniform are supported and well equipped to respond to the threats to our nation. In addition, the well-being of them and their families must be considered as they protect the well-being of ours.


Like any sovereign nation, we expect our borders to be respected. Additionally, we deserve to have them secure to protect our way of life as the protection of U.S. citizens is a basic function of the federal government.

Unfortunately, because of bipartisan failed leadership in Washington, our borders remain porous with no real consensus in sight on how to resolve the problem. We are faced with a very serious national security threat that also perpetuates a broken immigration system.

New leadership is the only way this problem is going to be solved. I will work across the aisle to create a realistic plan, deserving of the expectations of all Americans, that can pass the US Congress.


As a mother, I firmly believe that we should provide our children with every educational opportunity possible. While I have always been a firm supporter of our public schools, I believe it is also important to support state efforts to create and expand charter schools while replicating and expanding models of successful charters.

I know we cannot afford to have our children graduating without being prepared for the future. When our children fail to meet the ever-evolving needs of the marketplace, we hurt our business’ ability to adapt and compete in global markets against foreign companies with a labor force that benefit from improved training and education.